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Welcome to the online portfolio of art by Lisa Strecko.

All of the art is Acrylic paint applied to a variety of surfaces ranging from acid-free stock, ‘faux leather’ specially treated canvas, Plexiglas, to birch wood panels. The collection leans towards realism, and at times synthesized with illustrated vignettes to tell stories or to be symbolic in nature. Most of the work, even when it is recognizable, has an element of the magical, or enhanced to bring an unexpected quality into the mix.

My endeavor is to create an extraordinary art experience for you.

The Corporate and Personal Living Art Galleries feature the past work of commissions completed for corporations and individuals. Visit Documenting Timeless Growth to view how Living Art evolves over time.

Visit the 3D Art Gallery (also known as bas-relief or sculpted paintings) to view the series of art exploring the worlds and scenes of the very close, the very far, and the fantastical.

The Acrylic Paintings Gallery offers a variety of flat-surface art enhanced with refined accents and detailing.

The inner and outer worlds of life’s journey expressed artistically await in the Treasure Maps Gallery.

Thank you for visiting and come back often to see new work!