Meet Lisa



Inter Pipeline
Tervita Corporation (formerly CCS Corporation)
Print Audit Software Ltd.
M&M Meat Shops/ Western Canada Division
Enerplus Resources Fund
Resource Energy Solutions Inc.


Former Alberta Premier Hon. Ralph Klein (deceased)
Ronald N. Mannix OC  , AOE
David P. Werklund
Former Alberta Assistant Chief Justice, Judge Brian Stevenson
Arthur R. Smith OC, AOE, DFC(deceased)



“Lisa, it was a pleasure to meet with you last week and I want to thank you for preparing the Legacy Map. I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness and congratulate you on a job well done.”

Hon. Ralph Klein Past Premier of Alberta, Canada (Dec.)



“I wanted to thank you again for your significant contribution to our 2007 Annual Report. We really enjoyed working with you!”

David W. Fesyk
Executive Vice Chairman, Inter Pipeline

“On behalf of M&M Meat Shops (Western) I would like to thank you and tell you how pleased I am with the corporate map you made for out 100th Store opening in Western Canada. You have captured the essence of exactly what I wanted to say to all the people who helped us get to 100 stores in 10 years. Your creativity, professionalism, insight and on time delivery was exceptional. You under promised and over delivered. Well done!”

John S. Horsley
Past President & CEO, M&M Meat Shops

“What a truly phenomenal gift you made for Vic! Last night we spent so much time together studying all the details on the map. It’s incredible the ideas you came up with to create such a masterpiece. Words cannot tell how much we appreciate this treasure.”

Connie Lapointe
Wife of Victor Lapointe

“It is now 9 days since my retirement party and we are still marveling at your creation of my Legacy Map. To say I am pleased is an understatement. Each day we look at it, it brings back so many wonderful memories. I am reminded what special parents I had and the sacrifices they made for me, and also the good memories I had as a child but had not visited those memories for years. We will be sharing this treasure with all our family and friends for years to come.”

Victor Lapointe
Major Partner (retired), Pajak Engineering Ltd.