10 Step Process

 Below are the details for a typical Living Art project. 
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1 IPF Framed Map 1
Contact Person, Timeline & Ongoing Communication

A Contact Person is established as the main channel of communication with Lisa. The Contact Person passes on pertinent information as photos, memorabilia, and whom to interview, as well as their contact info onto the Artist. This person also receives regular progress updates, sketches and assists with the Artist’s questions. This streamlines the process and maintains clarity of communication.

At the start of the project, a Timeline is created for all parties to ensure the project flow stays on track and is delivered in time for the special occasion.

Lisa maintains a line of Ongoing Communication with the Contact Person to keep the Client informed as to the ongoing stages of development until completion. The Client is able to make reasonable changes at any time prior to completion.

2 IPF Research BinderLisa has worked on projects long distance and in-town, and this has been a proven successful method of managing the art work. By remaining transparent, the experience is inclusive and enjoyable for the Client.

Interviews & Research

An art piece is as great as the information provided, and when several sources of information and photos are available it makes a world of difference to the depth and richness to the art.

The Contact Person provides a list of persons to be interviewed, and it is recommended those to be interviewed by notified first by the Contact Person of the nature of the project and that their assistance is requested, and that the Artist will be contacting them and arrange for Interviews.

3 IPF Greytone SketchAt the same time Research in conducted to fill in missing points, find out further details, more photos.

In respect to the sensitivity of past Clients’ need for privacy and level of comfort, the Artist is willing to keep the material confidential through a Non-disclosure Agreement to be provided by the Client.

The artist collates all the interviews, information, and creates a document which is sent to the Contact Person for review, verification of accuracy of information and to fill in any missing points. At the completion of the original art, all materials provided is returned to the client through the Contact Person.

Thumbnail Ideas

4 IPF Colour SketchThe information collected is then sketched into Thumbnail Ideas, and scans are then sent to the Client for review.

At this point there may be elements of one design and some from another, amongst theThumbnail Ideas, from which the client selects to create the Greytone Concept Sketch.


Greytone Concept Sketch

Once the Thumbnail Idea(s) for layout is chosen, information and images from the research document is designed into a layout and submitted to the Client for review, possible adjustments and confirming the ‘look’ of the art piece. The Greytone Concept Sketch is revised as needed and then approved.

5 IPF In Progress 1

Coloured Version of Concept Sketch

A copy of the approved sketch is made and a Coloured Version of the Concept Sketch, with the proposed colour palette for the Original Art, is created and submitted to the Client.

Original Art

Pending size of Original Art, this process takes as little as 2 weeks for an illustrated version of the art (ink & washes of acrylic paint), and up to 3 months for fully painted

6 IPF In Proress 2

large works.

Delivery, Installation & Unveiling

The Original Art Delivery is offered within the city limits of Calgary. For other locations, the Artist will ensure the art is packed securely and have shipped to the address provided by the Client, with shipping paid for by the Client.

Installation by the Artist is available within the city limits of Calgary at no additional charge.

The Unveiling may occur at a public or private affair, and the Artist can assist in the set-up for the event if held within the city limits of Calgary. This allows the respective owner the opportunity to officially receive the original art piece.

7 IPF Legend8 
Legend & Certificate of Authenticity

To maintain the integrity and significance of the information and images appearing on the Original Art, a Legend is created nearing the completion of the project, and sent to the Contact Person for review and revisions.

The Legend is a written document giving a point-by-point detailed tour, outlining and explaining the relation and symbolism of what is appearing within the Original Art. The Legend will also be kept a “living” document whenever the original art piece is updated.

For insurance purposes a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the Artist, accompanies the Original Art.

Framing, Reproductions & Digital Files

8 Cert of Authenticity

At this time, for the smaller illustrated Original Art pieces, the Artist supplies a Basic Framing Package included with the Original Art order. This consists of mounting the Original Art onto a fabric covered mat in an economy frame and glass.

For Reproductions, prints & digital files of the Original Art, custom framing, these optional services are available to the Client as a separate cost on a separate Additional Services Rate Sheet. If the image is to be reproduced and prints or copies of the digital files ready for the special occasion, then this information is provided to the Client at the start of the project and built into the Timeline to ensure successful delivery of both prints and the Original Art. Prints can also be framed as well.

Please note that reproductions & prints (framed and unframed) and digital files may be ordered at a later date after the project is completed and Original Art delivered.

Living Art Updates

9 Framing

The original art piece becomes a “living” document. When required, Lisa is able to on site, to delete any information that may have become obsolete and replace it with new pertinent information that keeps the art piece current, updated and “living”.


10 IPF Annual Report Warm booklet