Documenting Timeless Growth

Lisa updates the current art piece with new and pertinent information in order to keep the Corporate or Personal Success a living document. This system prevents the art piece from becoming static and obsolete.

The updates may be implemented quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or whenever required. In this series below, Print Audit Software’s corporate culture evolution is depicted from December 2004 to February 2014.

Each update was done on site at their Calgary Head Office and subsequently photo-documented to retain the new information painted onto their map.

“Our people are painted into the map, and this gives them a real feeling of how we each honour our employees as an integral part in the company’s overall success - past, present & future.”

Everyone comments on it. When we have clients in the boardroom, they always ask questions about the map. What we’ve found is that it sets a lighter tone to the meeting rather than being too serious and impersonal. And when we interview new staff members, it shows them just how much we recognize and value the contribution that each of our people makes to the company.”

~ John MacInnes, President of Print Audit Software Ltd.

  Original Art ~ December 2004 Living Art

  Update # 5 ~ August 2008 Living Art

  Update # 10 ~ February 2014


Lisa - do you want the individual images displayed together or in a slide show?


  • Living Art - 1 Print Audit Original Art - Dec 2004
  • Living Art - 2 Print Audit Update 5 - Aug 2008
  • Living Art - 3 Print Audit Update 10 - Feb 2014