3D Art In Detail

Pushing the envelope between sculpture and canvas

Ever see a far away scene and wondered what it would be like to reach out and touch it?

3 3D Paintings - in progress

This concept for art was born from hiking trips in the Rockies and seeing vistas that couldn’t be captured by a camera. I wanted the scenes to be more kinesthetic.

The painting begins as a birch wood canvas panel coated with a mixture made with acrylic molding paste, then sanded to a smooth finish. Depending on the subject matter, if it’s scenery then a wedge is built onto the prepped canvas for perspective, or in the case of a macro shot/close-up, the piece is consturcted with lightweight foam materials. A special compound is used to sculpt the shapes and textures until the desired look is achieved.

Refining the details is next stage and the sculpted art piece is patiently sanded and carved with rotary tool and palm sander.

The piece is detailed with acrylic paint and sealed with a UVA/UVB polymer varnish to protect the surface and to prevent pigment from fading. Any areas featuring water is enhanced with a thick layer of acrylic pouring medium.

Due to the drying of layers and carving time needing, these projects take 2 to 3 months to complete, pending the amount of detail specified by the client.

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