Acrylic Paintings In Detail

Traditional flat surface paintings…with a twist

E4 Acrylic Paintings - in progressach painting starts as a birch wood canvas coated with a mixture containing molding paste, then sanded smooth. The image is transferred to the surface and the painting, on average, will take 2 weeks to complete.

Depending on the subject matter and taste of the client, special accents are added to enhance and to make the image stand out in exquisite detail. As an example, a painting of a starry night/ mountain and lake scene was enhanced with touches of glow in the dark paint and pearlescent paint. When exposed to light and placed in a dark room, the stars, snow and moon-glow on trees and grass create a beautiful ethereal effect.

Upon completion of the painting stage, the panel is sealed with a UVA/UVB Polymer varnish to protect the art piece from sunlight and dust. The reverse side of the wood canvas is also sealed with acrylic medium as the destination it will be hung varies in humidity.

Please visit the Acrylic Paintings Gallery from time to time for new pieces available for purchase. If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, you can view the quality of rendering people and pets by visiting the Living Art Galleries.

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