Treasure Maps In Detail

5 Treasure Maps -in progressWhere it began 25 years ago

Treasure mapping began in the 1990’s with the desire to create a visual map of intangible experiences occurring in my life. Mapping has grown and expanded into a variety of applications, and this is the tap root of Living Art; art that evolves with individuals, groups, and companies.

What is important to you, personally or professionally, is featured in the art piece. Whether it is for an anniversary, a celebration, a milestone, a life journey or following your bliss - this is your story, or for loved ones, their story.

Having a Personal Treasure Map made commences with an interview research process of the recipient or for the recipient (if it is a gift). Research includes obtaining photographs, memorabilia, and gathering information on significant persons, places and events to enhance the storytelling aspect of the customized piece.

Once the rough sketch is approved, then the image is transferred to acid-free cardstock and illustrated with archival ink pens and washes of acrylic paint. The map art is then framed and a Legend is created to accompany the piece. This provides a written tour of what is appearing in the art, and preserves the original meaning and significance for the future.

Please visit the Treasure Maps Gallery for examples of maps. A new service is currently being developed that will be added to this section in the near future.  Visit the Gallery